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USB Digital Microscope

USB Digital Microscope

The world around us is full of wonder and magnificent things that need a closer look. With the USB Digital Microscope now, you can.

The USB Digital Microscope is a handy little magnifier that lets you see things up close up to 50x to 500x their normal size. You can use the USB Digital Microscope when you’re repairing mobile phones or other similar smaller items as well. The USB Digital Microscope is also armed with an LED light which you can adjust the brightness for. The USB Digital Microscopealso has an easily-accessible shutter button that allows you to take a photo of what you’re looking at to allow for a closer study later on. 

  • Suitable for students, collectors, technicians and other professionals
  • Armed with 8 built-in LED lights, fully adjustable illumination
  • Comes with an adjustable-height stand and flexible arm
  • Plug into your computer through the use of a USB cord to see the bigger picture
  • 50x to 500x magnification, manually adjustable

*Limited quantity in stock so hurry and get your order in now!