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Outdoor & Indoor Lamp

Outdoor & Indoor Lamp

Fans of all things multi-purpose rejoice! With the Outdoor & Indoor Lamp, you’ll have a bedside lamp, flashlight, table lamp or camping lamp in one nifty little device.

All you need to is to unscrew the bottom like you’re opening a jar and the Outdoor & Indoor Lamp turns to a lamp from a spotlight. The Outdoor & Indoor Lamp helps provide any room in your home with ambient lighting with the simple touch of a button. Use the Outdoor & Indoor Lamp while you’re studying, getting ready to sleep or having a night barbecue in the backyard with friends.

The Outdoor & Indoor Lamp makes for a very cool room accessory while also being a useful, functional and practical home appliance.

  • Made with heat-resistant but easily-pliable material
  • Complete with a wooden handle that can be rotated to use as a stand or something to hand the lamp from
  • Can be used as a bedside lamp, flashlight/spotlight, table lamp and camping/outdoor lamp
  • Adjustable light to provide you with the right amount of brightness when you need it
  • Armed with a built-in rechargeable battery

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