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Grinder Disc

Grinder Disc

Woodworking can be very cumbersome. Thanks to the Grinder Disc, you’re about to love woodworking even more.

Whether you’re a carpenter or a sculptor, you’ll enjoy using the Grinder Disc. The Grinder Disc is flanked by two steel plates, providing a secure grip. Having a bit of a problem maneuvering around curved wood angles? If you’re looking for a saw disc to make your go-to tool for woodworking projects, the Grinder Disc is for you.

Made with high-grade steel

  • It’s easy to assemble and easy to use
  • Fits any kind of grinders
  • Diameter: 4" 100mm, Arbor: 5/8" 16mm
  • Fits 4"(100mm) or 4-1/2"(115mm) angle grinders perfectly

**First Presale Ships on Sept 15
**Second Presale Ships on Oct 1

Great news since our first presale was so successful we are doing another launch. The second batch of Grinder Discs will ship Oct 1st. All orders placed after Sept 15th will be shipped on this day.

If the estimated ship time seems a bit long, it's because many items are shipped in bulk at the end of the sale, which is what affords you the discount. The best things are worth waiting for!